On this page you'll find details of the volunteers who make up our pilgrimage co-ordination team. If you'd like to contact any of our co-ordinators, please do so via the pilgrimage office. Thank you.

Our pilgrimage director, who is appointed by the Bishop, appoints a team of co-ordinators each year to assist him with the organisation and planning of the pilgrimage. Each co-ordinator is responsible for a different area of the pilgrimage and all are volunteers who give their time generously throughout the year to ensure  the best pilgrimage experience possible for our pilgrims.

The 88th Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2022

Pilgrimage Co-ordination Team

Pilgrimage Leader

Right Reverend John Arnold

Bishop of Salford

Pilgrimage Director

Rev. Fr. Michael Jones

Assistant Pilgrimage Director

Rev. Dr. Gerard Fieldhouse-Byrne

President of the Hospitalité

Gwyneth Walker

Co-ordinator for Logistics (Travel & Accommodation)

Patrick O'Dowd

Assistant Co-ordinator for Logistics

Frank Pearson

Co-ordinator for Communications & PR

Dominic Hyndman

Asst. Co-ordinator for Communications & PR

Luke Goodstadt

Safeguarding Representatives

Dawn Lundergan

Cath Taylor

Bill Smith

Pilgrimage Administrator

Helen Carey

Co-ordinator for the Accueil Solitude

Gwyneth Walker

Assistant Co-ordinator for the Accueil Solitude

Katy Rothwell

Co-ordinator for Volunteers

Medical Director

Dr. Jenny Klimiuk

Co-ordinator for Nursing Team

Brendan Lane

Assistant Co-ordinator for Nursing Team

Bernie Dawson


Co-ordinator for Families

Caroline Harrington

Chaplains to Young People

Rev. Fr. Richard Howard

Rev. Fr. Mark Paver

Co-ordinator for Pastoral Support of Young People

Chloe Myrtle

Asst. Co-ordinator for Pastoral Support of Young People

Liam Dodd

Co-ordinator for Aspiring Volunteers

Lorraine Leonard

Co-ordinator for Liturgy

Rev. Fr. Philip Brady

Director of Music

Deborah Holmes

Co-ordinator for Fundraising

Fundraising Events Management

Pilgrimage Treasurer

David Thompson

Tour Operator

Joe Walsh Tours Ltd.