You may understandably have questions relating to the rescheduling of our pilgrimage. We'll do our best to answer them here.

Q: I've booked a place for this year's pilgrimage with Joe Walsh Tours. What will happen to my booking and deposit?

A: Thank you for booking a place with us. Joe Walsh Tours will be writing to everyone who has made a booking with them to confirm our decision to reschedule to 2021. Your deposit and booking can be carried over to 2021. If you are unable to join us in 2021 Joe Walsh Tours will explain your options. 

Q: I've booked my own travel and/or accommodation for Lourdes. What do I do?

A: It is unlikely that travel restrictions will be lifted by late July. We suggest contacting your hotel in Lourdes directly. It may be that they ask you to defer your booking to 2021. If you are able this would help the hoteliers to stay afloat during a horrendous time for them. In regard to flights/trains, please contact your airline or train company directly to rearrange your booking. 

Q: I've applied to be a volunteer for this year. Is my application still valid for 2021?

A: Thank you for your application to volunteer with us, it is very much appreciated. Unfortunately we cannot carry 

volunteer applications over to 2021. Some personal details may have changed by then and we are required to ask you to complete a new form when they are released later in the year. Thank you.

Q: Our volunteer group has done fundraising to support volunteers in our group for this year. What shall we do with the money?

A: Any funds raised to support volunteers should be held over by your group until we can resume our normal pattern of pilgrimage in 2021. Funds raised are to support those travelling on the diocesan pilgrimage and are raised using our charity number. If travel restrictions are lifted by July these funds cannot be used to support personal travel to Lourdes or elsewhere. 

Q: What are the new dates for the rescheduled pilgrimage in 2021?

A: We are in discussions with our travel partner Joe Walsh Tours and a new date has been put forward for our rescheduled pilgrimage in July 2021. As soon as we are able we will confirm the date and post it on this website and on our social media. We hope that you'll join us on our return to Lourdes next year.

Q: Will there be any services or events at home during the time that we should have travelled to Lourdes?

A: This is certainly our hope but we must be realise that churches may still be closed and gatherings restricted in July. We are looking into organising a service at Salford Cathedral if it is safe to do so. We will look at the restrictions in place nearer the time but will aim to bring our Salford family back together as soon as possible. 


For general enquiries relating to the Salford Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage please contact the pilgrimage office.

For enquiries relating to travel and accomodation please contact our travel partner Joe Walsh Tours on 0161 820 8790.


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